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Baldwin County Scavenger Hunt

Baldwin County Scavenger Hunt

Welcome to Baldwin County!    With an area as large as the state of Rhode Island, there is a lot to explore.   Try finding these places and sending a photo to the Relocating Baldwin County Facebook page or Welcome Friends Eastern Shore Facebook page to be posted and a chance to be included in next year’s guide!

  1.  Find the Hiding Tree - you can climb inside!   

  2.  Can you spot an alligator in the wild (not in a zoo or gator farm!)?

  3. Visit the first hospital in Baldwin County.

  4. Find a graveyard that is haunted by a Confederate soldier’s horse!

  5. Find the local swimming hole with a rope swing.  A great way to cool off on a hot summer day.   Bring your lunch - there’s picnic tables there.

  6. Find a fishing vessel on top of a pile of oyster shells.   Enjoy lunch there or at a nearby restaurant!

  7. Find the round house where a poet used to live!

  8. Baldwin County has its own “Stonehenge.”   Can you find it?

  9. Fields - there are still a lot left in our county.   Find one with sunflowers, one with cotton, and one with canola flowers!

  10. Find the oak tree where a famous general spoke to his troops.

  11. Find a hotel that was a hospital during the Civil War.

  12. Visit the beach and find the big chair!

  13. Walk the only US Colored Troops Trail in the United States!

  14. Find a natural spring and fill up your water bottle.

  15. Find the building from a famous sci-fi film from the late 70s..

  16. Straddle two states on a beach.

  17. What time is it?  FInd a floral clock.

  18. Find the carnivorous plant bog (don’t pick any - they are on the US Endangered Species List!)

  19. Find an ancient Indian shell midden.   

  20. Can you spot the mail delivery on a river?   

  21. Watch the hot air balloons.

  22. Can you toss a mullet?

  23. Tour the Tidewater Mansion on the Bon Secour River.  

  24. Find a cannon in someone's yard.

  25. Watch a civil war reenactment.  

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